Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles

by Chip R. Bell
13 February 2017
Hardback, 120 pagesBell, Chip - Kaleidoscope v2
ISBN 1626343942

As one reads through this book, the obvious question will arise: How can an author pack so much useful information into such a small book? That is the beauty of Chip Bell’s work. This is the third small book in a series that addresses how managers – anyone – can provide superior service. Using the symbol of a kaleidoscope, Bell brings us to a world where we can, with a small metaphorical twist, create a new view on how customers can best be served. Just as adjusting the colors one sees in a kaleidoscope, we can approach customers to provide the same sense of wonder by keeping a few principles in mind. These make up the titles of the chapters:

  • Enchantment: Add a Little Sparkle
  • Grace: Honor Your Customer
  • Trust: Keep your Covenants
  • Generosity: Serve It Forward
  • Truth: Nurture Total Candor
  • Mercy: Let It Go
  • Alliance: Stay … On Purpose
  • Ease: Take Care of Flow
  • Passion: Be All There

The respective subtitles of these short chapters speak much about how serving is accomplished in such a way that customers go away delighted – and then return. In fact, following these principles will enhance any relationship, whether as a manager, spouse, parent, child, leader. Each element is supported by examples of how and why this approach to serving customers (and others) works.

Although it only takes a short time to read this book, applying the principles could take a lifetime. It is clear that Bell has a wealth of experience to support the themes presented here. We will all do well to follow them. Please read this book and get started on delivering “innovative service that sparkles”.


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